• Doctrine
  • jQuery
  • MVC
  • PHP
  • Symfony 2

SANUS Admin Dashboard

Since the SANUS website is a product driven website, the SANUS admin portal is necessary to manage all of the content for the website, including products, news, user and product registration, several subsidiary brands and their microsites, translations and regional specific information, and product data for reseller websites.  Built using Symfony 2, the project is highly flexible and scalable.  The user experience is the focus in each of the tools, allowing users to update content using intuitive interfaces and drag and drop features. Permissions are implemented allowing filtered access to each tool based on a user’s role or group status.

Joe Sexton developed an object manager to manipulate attributes and classes in the database
Joe Sexton used PHP to create a method to filter objects when searching the database Joe Sexton worked with Symfony 2 to create a table view to manage user accounts, including pagination and search filters
Symfony 2 allows for easy manipulation of entities in the database
A number of custom designed tools were created to manage specialized front end and api applications