• CSS3
  • HTML 5
  • PHP
  • Wordpress

Dellwood Country Club

The Dellwood Country Club website offers club members an opportunity to connect and interact with the club, whether it’s setting up a tee time, viewing the club calendar, or getting a status update on all of the club facilities.  The core development of the site centered around the member dashboard, featuring several draggable widgets such as weather forecasts, stock quotes, news, sports, calendar, and club news.  Built around WordPress, the Dellwood site features a custom theme and multiple custom plugins.

Check out the live website

Joe Sexton developed a custom Wordpress login modal that uses AJAX to authenticate users
Wordpress pages utilize custom metaboxes for all of the content blocks A custom Wordpress user profile page was developed, adding many custom user meta fields
The widget dashboard is built using jQuery UI and allows usres to drag and drop them where they want them