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SANUS Website

The SANUS website is a large enterprise website sporting a clean, mobile first, responsive design. Beneath the fit and finish, the SANUS site is powered using the Symfony 2 framework. It is an extremely robust, product driven website incorporating e-commerce, search, user accounts and mailing list integration, and specialized tools to assist users select products. Challenges facing the site were multi-regional support with different products, pricing, content, and translations, multiple sub-branded sites with different product offerings that needed to be elegantly merged together in the parent site, a robust user profile area featuring Facebook integration, and a large amount of AJAX driven content.

Check out the live website

The SANUS website was developed using PHP and the Symfony 2 framework
Joe Sexton worked extensively on the shopping cart component of the SANUS website
Joe Sexton completely developed the user profile, address book, customer survey, and product registration portal The SANUS website features a mount finder wizard to assist users in selecting a mount that fits their TV