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Scroll Back to Top Wordpress Plugin

The Scroll Back to Top WordPress plugin is a simple plugin that adds a scroll to top button to a WordPress page and is compatible with most themes. The plugin features full customization allowing users to select colors, icons, shapes, border radius, location on the page, animation settings, and more. The plugin is very widely used, with over 27,000 installs in the first 8 months and an average 4.8/5 star rating.

The plugin also features filters to allow users to adjust the markup of the button or the CSS styles if needed. The plugin development itself included developing a wrapper for the WordPress admin menu and options pages APIs along with a plugin framework to support rapid plugin development. The plugin also offers

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The Scroll Back to Top Wordpress plugin was developed by Joe Sexton using PHP The Scroll Back to Top Wordpress plugin is very widely used with over 27,000 installs