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The SANUS Spaces website is a Pinterest-style website that highlights a single feed of both user submitted and author submitted content. The site is built using WordPress and allows users to upload photos and details of their audio-video installation and room makeovers. To accomplish the goal of allowing a full featured profile and enabling user-submitted content a complete user front-end membership plugin was developed for WordPress incorporating AJAX driven login and registration forms, user profile areas, publicly visible profile pages with privacy settings for nearly every piece of profile information, and a full user content management area. A custom WordPress plugin was also developed to sync user data with the client’s mailing list. To accommodate advanced searching, a complex set of search filters was built to dynamically build the WordPress search query.

Check out the live website

The Spaces website was developed using Wordpress and PHP
Joe Sexton built a front end user membership plugin for Wordpress
A complex set of search filters were built to dynamically build Wordpress queries to find posts and content